EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation

Exhibition contents

* For installed / real time system OS (LynxcOs * BlueCatLinux)
* Small-sized server every other supervision and control system

IT technology interest it utilizes adding sol Nisshin and, as for platform development of the installed system which is constructed it draws the mechanism of interest application of advanced technology from the first, concretely, it offers the total solution which executes necessary plan.
Those where this time it introduces are the real time measurement supervisory * control system case of the industrial facilities equipment which utilizes the small-sized server. Industrial facilities equipment such as gas turbine and large-sized reefer it is possible to do supervision * control, and remote maintenance from the Web browser of remote place. In addition, we correspond to also the DoPa, regarding the equipment ring boundary which has not possessed the communication line, we are possible to do the supervision * control and remote maintenance from remote place.
This small-sized server is the compact server who loads the EmpresscRdb on the BlueCatLinux, application for the installed system of wide use is possible.


* Adding sol Nisshin corporation ESB division Sales Div. Ejiri it is serious Osamu
* e-mail: esb_sales@adniss.jp
* Web: http://www.adniss.jp
* TEL: 03-5769-3139


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