EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Cibis Corporation

Exhibition contents

In the Lee tail market introduction of the CRM solution " Phoenix-CRM
In the times when the achievement changes largely the strategy with of information * multilateral application
As for our company, is made the on the basis of the development result of the Lee tail market the CRM solution
which " Phoenix-CRM " is proposed.

This system becomes the solution which fuses merchandising and the CRM with the system which designates the Lee tail market as the object, shortly payment date * is low the Addon doing the customer individual business part by the on the basis of the many templet which is made the on the basis of the abundant development result of our company, at cost
Stopping is offered, being something which it does the system which matches to customer needs.

In addition, at our company the system is offered simply not only, consultant of abundant
Via, the system which always evolves is supported powerfully.


* Corporation rhinoceros screw data base business section Asano
* e-mail: t-asano@cibis.co.jp
* TEL: 0263-29-2236
* Web: http://www.cibis.co.jp
* Sales Div. Ento * Kato
* e-mail: t-sales@cibis.co.jp
* TEL: 03-5476-7161


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