EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Fujitsu I-Network Systems

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IP telephoney system ' IP Pathfinder '
- Multiple protocol correspondence (SIP and H. 323, the individual) with, it is adapted to all IP environment! -

Depending upon the service and spread of information below of recent years, application of the IP telephone the indispensable element with respect to the information strategy of enterprise has become.
Now when at many enterprises, examination and introduction of the circuit integration which integrates audio system and data system are advancing, not only reduction of mere communication cost, it keeps offering some kind of service with respect to IP network, we have become important.
The system which corresponds in the form which is optimum to these kind of needs, offers new value added is the IP telephoney system ' IP Pathfinder '.
O of the IP Manager section / as for S, as for the large-sized type the Solaris, as for the small-to-medium-sized type we to adopt the linux, all VocIp protocol (the SIP and the H. 323, the individual) we are corresponding. (Multiple protocol correspondence)
The important key software because this multiple protocol correspondence is actualized is the DB software of the EMPRESS.
By the fact that it concentrates manages data information from various protocol, utilization with all VocIp protocol becomes possible, to the IP Manager package the communication software just is added can construct the multiple protocol corresponding system.


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