EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Iiyama Fuji Co. Ltd.

Exhibition contents

Construction of instrument data base

* It is controlled many of interface of the instrument (also the device of production facilities and the like includes) by voltage and pulse.
(Example: The signal from the wattmeter 1 pulse is outputted with the 0.1kw/h.)

* The system of acceptance to consider general purpose and cost, PIC (CPU) use
* The PICBASIC was used in regard to the program
* Input point it adjusts to number and draws up the circuit
* It outputs the signal of output with the serial

* The OPENBLOCK (HT Linux) was used to the intermediate host
* For small size it is difficult to receive the restriction of the installation features
* Memory with only the card system construction (the HD is unnecessary)
* Former interface such as ODBC available

* Server (Empress/Linux)
* Mass the data is housing possibility
* General-purpose with PC with server (low cost) work possibility
* Interface of the Pro1 and the like has been complete


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