EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Itoh Co. Ltd.

Exhibition contents

Network below construction - system development - housing - use * maintenance service
To synthesis IT service

Small-to-medium-sized scale network below construction (WAN/LAN/VPN)
Hardware supply (server * client)
Open source OS (FreecBsd/Linux) * MS Win-server
Web/DB application development (PHP/PRO1/POSTGRECSql/EMPRESS/MYCSql etc.)
Use * maintenance service (on-site * remote)
ホスチE‚£γƒ³γ‚° / housing service

γƒͺγƒΌγ‚ΊγƒŠγƒ–γƒ« at cost proposition.


* The corporation is and questions solution Sales Div. Takamura
who * e-mail: takamura@itoh.co.jp
* Web: http://www.itoh.co.jp
* TEL: 026-221-5885 Nagano
* TEL: 03-5273-7135 Tokyo


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