EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


KASHIYO Corporation

Exhibition contents

Uses the Empress the cross media * contents compilation system

Freshness it is high, it offers to the person who needs " information ", in a necessary way * & *.
That, is the cross * media * contents compilation system which the カシヨ developed.
Until recently, by automating the process of the compilation * production which depends on human labor
Delay the deadline day, renewal of the speedy contents and reduction of production cost,
The business which does not have stress is actualized.
Becoming the nucleus of this system, designates the WEB as interface of the picture * text
Adjusting to the entry system and the needs of the customer, it is designed contents * for the WEB
The contents for printing the system which automatically it forms & outputs.
In the history which exceeds 110 years as a printing company, " it is oldest, is newest "
It tackled the digitalization of printing process corporation right positively from the dawn of the DTP
As for this system to which the カシヨ proposes, as reforms the established concept of publication business
Several results have been left already.
Periodical such as town information magazine and the real estate-related information magazine which have been used already from the first
Various handling instruction manuals, to the catalog and the シラバス et cetera the application possibility it is spreading not to limit.
At the meeting place, the town information magazine which has been worked already, concerning the mechanism of real estate information magazine compilation
You view demonstration on the basis of the concrete sample.


* カシヨ corporation plan development department Wada
* e-mail: wada@kashiyo.co.jp
* Web: http://www.kashiyo.com
* TEL: 026-251-0510


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