EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


NetWell Inc.

Exhibition contents

Introduction of net marketing solution " Mark ONE "
" The MarkcOne " is the product in order to support the system construction of the One to One type which utilizes the Web/e-mail. With the Web the colorful function which becomes necessary to private information management function, certification function, パγEγ‚½γƒŠγƒ©γ‚€γ‚ΌγƒΌγ‚·γƒ§γƒ³ function and the same information mail transmission function of the γƒ‘γƒ«γƒžγ‚¬ and the like, at the time of Web/e-mail based system constructing is offered.
It is possible to actualize the improvement of maintenance characteristic and expandability after the reducing and the introduction in the time and the cost in developing by drawing up the system which designates " the MarkcOne " as the base.


* Corporation net well net system the division it is cheap room elegance line
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