EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


NTT Comware Corporation

Exhibition contents

Super small-sized Linux server L-Box

" L - The box the Linux base is the micro * server. As the broadband rooter which in spite, to have many inter- faces for also the compact body actualizes the network connection with the wire * radio, has the fire wall as a single unit and as the program control possible various network devices the side which utilization it can receive, placing application k Shaun, it is the convenient device which you can utilize with colorful use as a general-purpose Linux PC, had two surface characteristics. "


* NTT COM wear corporation research and development department right the rice field (it is is), the foxtail millet field ()
* e-mail: bb-all@rd.nttcom.co.jp
* Web: http://www.nttcom.co.jp
* TEL: 043-211-3590


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