EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Planners Land Corporation

Exhibition contents

School business support system " School Gear " - introduction of various business

School Gear: School * gear

+ School register management / curriculum / completion / record management / certificate issue
Management of + admission examination management / management of test / timetable * calendar /
attendance Business option
Management of + public information support / employment / management of study payment / study payment all the silver procedure options / personal management / qualification management / classroom management scholarship management / homecoming (graduate) management / physical checkup data management / WEB option communication (Group Ware) / simple school register management system for business option independent introduction
Corporate body system
+ Accounts / allowance / personal affairs
In addition service
+ Multi-user option / consulting and use support

School Gear: University * junior college version
School Gear: Professional school version
School Gear: Nursing professional school version
School Gear: Medical type professional school version
School Gear: High school version
School Gear: Automotive maintenance professional school version
School Gear: Enterprise Rikkyo growth business version
School Gear: Public information business support system
School Gear: Job hunting support system
School Gear: Books management system


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