EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


S.K.I. Inc.

Exhibition contents

The original book which proposes to the age of the little multi kinds - on demand BOOK-

The technology which makes the real book from in even 1 volume, the " on demand BOOK " is guided.
Age of the little multi kinds were anticipated as a new information vehicle, necessary number (the small lot)
It is the system which order is produced.
The data for the storage in the enterprise & school * government and municipal offices, with the general user original photograph collection
" The can is is service of the album " and the self publication is offered.
At the meeting place we display the sample book which is really bound at the unit of 1 volume - 50 volume rank.
Equal to a quantity which is necessary at the necessary time please view the on demand bookbinding system which is bound.

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* e-mail: murakami@dank.ne.jp
* Web: http://www.dank.ne.jp/ski
* TEL: 026-296-8660


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