EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Fujitsu Seminar

" With IP telephoney the enterprise reformation "

The IP telephone was introduced, or the customer who introduction is examined is increased rapidly, in investigation of the user questionnaire of our company the user which is approached to 60% is examined positively.
As for the IP telephone, cost reduction of wiring integration and circuit cost et cetera of the data and sound introduction advanced to purpose, but coming here, purpose of introduction changed.
Many users not only cost reduction, it seek new value added.
We would like to solve the various themes where enterprise now has held that, such as improvement of quick decision making and intellectual productivity, it is because of that, to gather new work style, to advance enterprise reformation.
The IP telephoney system ' IP Pathfinder which this corporation it offers, mounts the EMPRESS ', it fuses sound and various applications, it keeps solving enterprise user way various themes.
This time, ' the IP Pathfinder ' presence function and the Mobile solution are introduced concerning the reform of work style and the application of IP telephoney.


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