EMPRESS Japan Conference 2005


Web Office Seminar

" In the back office field of enterprise the business process out-sorcing "

Regarding the Japanese enterprise, improvement of efficiency / rationalization in the generally known " actual place " of production and sale is advanced phase this.
On one hand, the indirect section such as general affairs * personal * accounting must be taken at enterprise, it is the section, but because also each company " main business " is not, the fact that the management operation method old condition still of doing is executed is actual condition excluding the advanced enterprise of part.
This corporation, focusing to this field, is not the business model which offers the business system as a ISer, the IT system by the fact that the wide-ranging out-sorcing service which of course, also thing duty processing operation includes is offered, cost reduction of the customer supports " the shape making of the new company " as a service provider and the ま does.
The business application which used the Empress at portion of this service (the Java) we offer with utilization charge type and increase.
You introduce the summary of offer method of the system which conventional type is different and offer method of service.


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