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Kyndryl expands hybrid cloud ambitions with VMware

Kyndryl’s deals with VMware and Microsoft help IT infrastructure clients modernize and leverage the hybrid cloud

IT infrastructure business Kyndryl and VMware, makers of the Telco Cloud Platform, have announced a new collaboration with app modernization and multi-cloud support at its core.

Kyndryl will tap VMware’s portfolio of products to speed cloud transformation for its clients. Areas the companies expect to offer “differentiate solutions” include edge computing, security and multi-cloud infrastructure and management.

“Kyndryl also plans to work with VMware to expand its existing multi-cloud advisory, implementation and management services to support the VMware Tanzu platform and deploy vSphere workloads to VMware multi-cloud infrastructure running in all public clouds,” said Kyndryl.

This continues a 20-year collaboration between IBM and VMware. Stephen Leonard, global alliances and partnerships leader, Leonard drew on that history. Leonard said the two businesses “will help companies design and deploy mission-critical workloads that can modernize their applications and operations to reap the benefits of cloud and multi-cloud computing.”

A multi cloud future for Kyndryl and VMware

Susan Nash, senior vice president, strategic corporate alliances, VMware, said that multi-cloud is the business for the next two decades. “With the average organization running hundreds of apps across many clouds, customers need solutions and strategic partners that enable their organizations to be as agile and resilient as possible,” said Nash.

The two companies also have a Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) to bring new services to market.

“The JIL programs will further focus on developing solutions for app modernization, containers, observability and security with VMware Tanzu, as well as hybrid cloud management solutions. Kyndryl and VMware will closely align and optimize their collaboration in support of VMware Cross-Cloud services to provide infrastructure and applications services and support to customers, independent of the underlying cloud provider environments,” said Kyndryl.

Kyndryl and VMware have something else in common. They’re both newly minted, VMware on its own after spinning off from Dell in a deal valued at $65 billion. IBM spun off its managed service business unit — GTS — to create Kyndryl, which became publicly traded earlier this month. With $19 billion annual revenues, Kyndryl bills itself as the world’s largest IT infrastructure provider. It employs almost 90,000 worldwide and counts more than 4,000 customers in 60 countries. 

Shortly after going public in November, Kyndryl’s first strategic partnership was a deal with Microsoft. Kyndryl’s goal with Microsoft is the same as VMware. Modernize applications. Support the hybrid cloud. Support mission-critical workloads, and enable modern experiences for customers. Microsoft is Kyndryl’s only Premier Global Alliance Partner, increasing Microsoft’s access to the $500 billion managed services market. Microsoft is also establishing the “Kyndryl University for Microsoft” educational program for Kyndryl professionals looking to expand technical expertise.