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Will 5G Change The World? Kristian Toivo, TIP (Ep. 63)

Telecom Infra Project Executive Director Kristian Toivo comes on the show to reflect on key learnings form the recent TIP-hosted Fyuz event in Madrid, in particular the industrialization of Open RAN. In addition to looking how buy-in from incumbent vendors can accelerate Open RAN...

Will 5G Change the World? Heather Broughton, NETSCOUT (Ep. 62)

Network slicing can be a game changer for communications service providers (CSPs), allowing them to offer new services to their customers and generating new revenue. Heather Broughton, AVP Marketing Service Provider Solutions, NETSCOUT, discusses the current state of 5G network slicing and where she...

Will 5G Change The World? Lara Dewar, GSMA (Ep. 61)

GSMA Chief Marketing Officer Lara Dewar talks through the group's priorities around expanding access to broadband, fair share for mobile broadband usage, and fostering an open developer ecosystem. She also previous the groups annual Mobile World Congress Las Vegas kicking off on Sept. 26,...

Will 5G Change the World? Jillian Kaplan, Dell Technologies (Ep. 60)

In the latest episode of Will 5G Change the World, Jillian Kaplan, head of global telecom thought leadership for Dell Technologies, goes through the company's approach to fostering community and collaboration to drive open architectures into market. Kaplan stresses the importance of maintaining laser...

Will 5G Change The World? Shekar Ayyar, Arrcus (Ep. 59)

Arrcus CEO Shekar Ayyar returns to the show to discuss Arrcus, a startup focused on bringing virtualization and abstraction to the worlds of datacenters, hybrid cloud and 5G routing and switching. Ayyar reflects on his admiration for two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, goes into...

Will 5G Change The World? David Callisch, Celona (Ep. 58)

Celona Marketing Director David Callisch goes through the idea that private cellular is a software and access play, and looks at the rise of cellular for use cases where Wi-Fi is not sufficient. He also highlights Celona's expansion into the red hot European private...

Will 5G Change The World? Will Townsend, Moor Insights & Strategy (Ep. 57)

Will Townsend, vice president and senior analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, discusses 5G hype vs. reality, the ongoing transition from Non-standalone 5G to Standalone 5G, and what T-Mobile US is doing with network slicing. Townsend also discusses his interest in how bridging the...

Will 5G Change The World? Sean Kinney, RCR Wireless News (Ep. 56)

In this special episode of Will 5G Change the World?, the tables are turned as guest host Catherine Sbeglia Nin, managing editor at RCR Wireless News, interviews RCR's Editor in Chief Sean Kinney. Kinney reflects on how the 5G as a world-changing force narrative...

Will 5G Change the World? Dr. Vikram Saksena, Netscout (Ep. 55)

Listen to this Episode For the first part of the conversation with Netscout's Dr. Vikram Saksena, check out Episode 51 of this podcast. We pick up the conversation around how operators, and other partners, are working to bring 5G to vertical enterprises. This discussion looks...

Will 5G Change the World? Sashieka Seneviratne, Ericsson (Ep. 54) In this episode of Will 5G Change the World?, Ericsson's Sashieka Seneviratne, director of sustainability for networks, discusses how operators can sustainably scale 5G without compromising user experience. She discusses this topic from the perspectives of holistic network evolution planning, deployment considerations, and smart...

Will 5G Change the World? Nicole Robertson, Nokia (Ep. 53) Will 5G Change the World is presented in partnership with NETSCOUT. White Paper In the 5G Era, the Customer Experience Matters , and Here' s What to Do About It | NETSCOUT Download Blog Is Private 5G Network Right for Your Company? Read Case Study Healthcare Company Assures Private 5G LTE Environment...

Will 5G Change the World? Eugina Jordan, TIP (Ep. 52)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World? Telecom Infra Project Chief Marketing Officer Eugina Jordan discusses how TIP's community-driven approach to test and validation of deployment-ready disaggregating network solutions is driving innovation in the telecoms area. Jordan touches on TIP's approach to enabling Industry 4.0 use cases, as well as the evolution of the wireless workforce as networks become increasingly cloud-native and software-oriented.

Will 5G Change the World? Vikram Saksena, Netscout (Ep. 51)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World? Netscout's Vikram Saksena talks through how 5G can drive enterprise digital transformation. This conversations includes a look at the role of spectrum access liberalization, the role of operators and hyperscalers in the equation, and how enterprises want to consume 5G and the services it enables. This episode is presented in partnership with Netscout.

Will 5G Change the World? Derrick Frost, Kajeet (Ep. 50)

Kajeet’s Derrick Frost discusses the company’s new private 5G managed service offering, including technical details, enterprise buying patterns, and how this new line of business maps to Kajeet’s focus on education, healthcare and other key verticals.

Will 5G Change the World? Chris Vassallo, ExteNet Systems (Ep. 49)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World? we hear from Chris Vassallo of ExteNet Systems about how the digital divide is more than a rural problem. Pockets of dense urban areas are also underserved by cellular connectivity which has sweeping implications for...

Will 5G Change the World? Greg Mayo, NETSCOUT (Ep. 48)

Greg Mayo, NETSCOUT chief architect in the CTO office, discusses E2E service assurance in 5G systems. He looks at the complexities, both technical and business, associated with purpose-built private networks along with slicing of public networks. While Mayo doesn't see 5G changing the world...

Will 5G Change the World? Rami Reshef, GenCell (Ep. 47)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World, GenCell CEO Rami Reshef discusses the pressing need for operators to shift to renewable energy as they deploy 5G networks. He talks through GenCell's approach to using fuel cell technology to enable supplemental power during peak demand, back-up power during emergencies, and off-grid power to remote telecom sites. Reshef also highlights GenCell's work with Deutsche Telekom as the operator pursues its own sustainability objectives.

Will 5G Change the World? Anil Rao, Oracle (Ep. 46)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World, Oracle's Anil Rao discusses the complexities associated with operationalizing 5G which relies on, as he said, "Automation, automation, automation." As operators work to deliver both private networks and network slicing to capture enterprise opportunity, they need to embrace automation and cloud-native technology and operations principles.

Will 5G Change the World? Olivier Guéret, Nokia (Ep. 45)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World?, Nokia’s Olivier Guéret talks through strategies for operators to monetize their 5G investments. In addition to shifting from selling connectivity to selling business outcomes, Guéret highlights the need for a strong focus on ecosystem development from both a governance and engagement perspective.

Will 5G Change the World? Mike Murphy, Ericsson (Ep. 44)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World?, Ericsson Chief Technology Officer for North America, Mike Murphy, discusses how network infrastructure modernization and other factors can help operators break the energy curve as the upgrade to 5G. Further, Murphy discusses Ericsson's own sustainability initiatives, and shares his thoughts on how 5G can enable other applications with positive impacts on sustainability.

Will 5G Change the World? Steve Goetz, IBM (Ep. 43)

Will 5G Change the World? is brought to you by VIAVI Solutions. VIAVI helps communications service providers, network equipment manufacturers and enterprises worldwide command the 5G network with automated solutions for test, monitoring and assurance.

Will 5G Change the World? Kashif Hussain, Viavi (Ep. 42)

The increasing complexity of 5G networks and disaggregated radio systems means the test, measurement and assurance process is also becoming more complex. Viavi's Kashif Hussain examines these trends and highlights the role of automation in achieving velocity and scale. RCR Wireless News · Will 5G...

Will 5G Change the World? Chris Stark, Innovate5G (Ep. 41)

Innovate5G Founder and CEO discusses what makes a 5G app a 5G app and how the company is enabling developers to bring new experiences to users. He also looks at momentum around private networks and the transition from consumer-facing to enterprise-facing 5G capabilities.

Will 5G Change the World? Eric Stonestrom, Airspan (Ep. 40)

Airspan Networks CEO Eric Stonestrom provides a bit of company history, looks at industry trends around Open RAN and private networks, and discusses what's next for the company as it works to go public through an SPAC process.