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Well, technically… Telcos need their own GenAI models: Swisscom’s Laure Willemin (Ep. 110)

The final episode of Well, technically… features Swisscom's Executive Vice President of Data, Analytics & AI Laure Willemin, who discusses the need for harmonized and centralized data and reveals that while what GenAI can bring to the table for telecom is promising, it certainly...

Well, technically… Open RAN has moved from hype to execution: HPE’s Geetha Ram (Ep. 109)

This week, Geetha Ram, the head of telco compute at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, tells a story about her grandmother, details the relationship between Open RAN and AI and explains the difference between in-line and look-aside acceleration for Open RAN silicon.

Well, technically… there’s (some) value in the marketing hype: Spirent Communications’ Cheryl Ragland (Ep. 108)

This week, Spirent Communications' Chief Marketing Officer Cheryl Ragland discusses how telecom marketing has changed in recent years due to things like the pandemic and evolving customer expectations. She also assesses the value of hype when it comes to new technologies hitting the market.

Well, technically… the most powerful thing you can do is be yourself: Opensignal’s Aïcha Ly (Ep. 107)

Aïcha Ly, Head of Consumer Insights at Opensignal, discusses her personal journey in the workplace as a woman of color, how this personal journey helps her support her colleagues and the importance of harnessing the power of your speech. Plus, she shares the telecom...

Well, technically… not everything should be automated: Nintex’s Zoe Clelland (Ep. 106)

On this episode, Zoe Clelland, the VP of product and experience at Nintex, discusses what she calls an “infinite learning loop” and how it helps companies zero in on what matters most when it comes to deciding what to automate.

Well, technically… tech innovation is not just about the big things: Merchants Fleet’s Jeanine Charlton (Ep. 105)

On this week's episode, Jeanine Charlton, the chief technology and digital officer at Merchants Fleet, explains what digital transformation looks like in the fleet management industry, touching on electric vehicles, driverless networks and the value of modern data and analytics platforms.

Well, technically… compliance does not equal security: Treasure Data’s Aysha Khan (Ep. 104)

This week's guest, Aysha Khan, the CIO/CISO at Treasure Data, discusses the role of IT in digital transformation, how the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to remote work impacted this transformation and what enterprises are looking for when it comes to data security.

Well, technically… telcos need to adopt a customer, not infrastructure, first approach: Optiva’s Joy King (Ep. 103)

Joy King is the Vice President of telecoms cloud company Optiva and leads the company’s Go To Market (GTM) Strategy. She joins RCR Wireless News on the podcast for a deep dive into the changing telecom landscape, detailing how business models are shifting and...

Well, technically… vRAN and Open RAN are key to network expansion: Samsung’s Ragha Gopavarapu (Ep. 102)

Ragha Gopavarapu, a senior manager for Samsung’s carrier accounts, shares Samsung's perspective on the vRAN and Open RAN revolutions in telecom networks, and provides an update on the company's new vRAN 3.0 offering.

Well, technically… Fixed Wireless Access is a key sustainability tool: Qualcomm’s Angela Baker (Ep. 101)

Qualcomm's Chief Sustainability Officer Angela Baker discusses the role that Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will play in helping rural environments leverage advancements in sustainability. She also shares details about Qualcomm's approach to FWA and how policy and technology work together to address sustainability issues.

Well, technically… LTE capabilities have supplanted those of WiMAX in enterprise networks: iBwave’s Kelly Burroughs (Ep. 100)

This week's guest, Kelly Burroughs, enterprise solutions director at iBwave Solutions, provides a deep dive into a private network deployment at a mining facility that the company supported. Specifically, Kelly discusses how iBwave helped the mining company discover its tech needs and then design...

Well, technically… Gen Z has officially entered the workforce: Intel’s Gabby Mann (Ep. 99)

Gabby Mann is a product sales specialist in Intel Corporation's Sales and Marketing Rotational Program.

Well, technically… telco fraud is an international matter: BICS’ Katia Gonzalez (Ep. 98)

BICS' Head of Fraud Prevention and Security Katia Gonzalez provides an update on STIR/SHAKEN and argues that while the FCC's initiative has made a dent in the robocalls being experienced by many Americans, spam, fraud and other related telco issues must be considered on...

Well, technically… Candid leadership is critical in challenging times: Alorica’s Colleen Beers and Joyce Lee (Ep. 97)

This week’s episode features Alorica's Chief Administration Officer Colleen Beers and Chief Culture Officer Joyce Lee. The women discuss motherhood, their roles at Alorica, which provides customer experience management and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, as well as how they work together to create...

Well, technically… the rabbit ears are back: Pearl TV’s Anne Schelle (Ep. 96)

Pearl TV's Managing Director Anne Schelle explains Next Gen TV and how the broadcast landscape is evolving as streaming and social media change the way we consume all sorts of information and entertainment.

Well, technically… RFID tech helps connect the dots in global supply chains: Beontag’s Barbara Dunin (Ep. 95)

Supply chain transparency is key to helping companies meet their sustainability and equity goals, so why are so few making use of the tools that already exist to take a deeper look? In the latest episode of Well, technically…, Barbara Dunin, the ESG and...

Well, technically… you have to let technology develop in its own way: Federated Wireless’ Jennifer McCarthy (Ep. 94)

Jennifer McCarthy, VP of Legal Advocacy at Federated Wireless, takes us through the current state of spectrum in the U.S.

Well, technically… access to mobile services can increase financial literacy: Thunes’ Sandra Yao (Ep. 93)

Sandra Yao, SVP at Thunes, discusses how the company is improving the global payment infrastructure for a better, more inclusive payment experience, and the role that mobile service providers can play in this market.

Well, technically… Edge is everywhere: Schneider Electric’s Lily Yusupova (Ep. 92)

Schneider Electric's Strategic Account Executive discusses the company's position as a 5G and edge leader.

Well, technically… More network traffic = more energy: Enea’s Stephanie Huf (Ep. 91)

Enea's SVP, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of ESG Stephanie Huf shares what sustainability challenges the telecom industry is grappling with even as the business case for going green has become clearer than ever.

Well, technically… the desire for simple needs to be applied to security (Ep. 90): AT&T’s Rebecca Finnin

The move to 5G has led to an explosion of endpoints, providing bad actors with a larger area of attack. AT&T's Rebecca Finnin discusses how using the intelligent networks of the 5G era themselves as security tools can help enterprises and consumers feel less...

Well, technically… consumer network quality is more important than price: Arelion’s Anna Maslewska (Ep. 89)

Arelion's Global Ethernet Product Manager Anna Maslewska discusses the evolving role of ethernet in an increasingly wireless world.

Well, technically… one telco cannot provide the full enterprise network story: BICS’ Ann Heyse (Ep. 88)

In the latest episode of Well, technically.... Ann Heyse, global telco solutions manager at BICS, tells the story of Industry 4.0.

Well, technically… network disaggregation is making telecoms really fun: Weaver Labs’ Maria Lema (Ep. 87)

The co-founder of Weaver Labs Maria Lema takes listeners on a network desegregation deep dive and explains how this growing trend is changing the telecoms industry and how service providers operate in "really fun" ways.